Entertaining nautical guide – simulation of sailing – board game

Take the role of a skipper and start your adventure of sailing. You may start from Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey. Use the compass, sail with local winds – Mistral, Bura, Meltemi, Etesian, Ghibli…find out the uniqueness of the locations. Overcome barriers, explore, pass three regattas and have fun with your family or friends.

 Map – gameboard

3 continents – 25 countries – 223 locations

Start from the one of the six start cities and sail Mediterranean. Discover the cradle of the ancient civilizations, wonders of the ancient times, the greatest treasure of the Mediterranean sea – sunken ships, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, national parks, parks of nature, marine parks, incredible animals – endangered species, reveal some legends, sail with local winds. Discover sailing challenges – dense fog, broken sail, sunken ship, waves, use advantages, pass three regattas and have fun.

Ploca Mediterranaut final za web


An original gift for:

– companies – business partners; marketing material with logo –

– families – family game – adventure of sailing from home, with friends

– children – education & fun

– tourists, sailors – souvenir from the Mediterranean, sailing, holidays

– all generations +8 years old, entertainment

– coo-branding concepts to be your unique business gift or our new brand in shops

Innovative concept & products

– Environment friendly materials – paper & wood
– wooden sail boats – handmade
– 100 % made in EU – Croatia
– CopyRight protected
– internationally awarded with the three medals for innovation: golden medal from Germany, golden medal from Croatia and bronze medal from Switzerland.

Box consist: map – boardgame, 223 cards in English, 6 wooden sailing boats, 6 counters, 1 dice and the rules. The real sailing expirience, the real information.

Languages: English / Croatian

We are looking for the new partners, distributors, retail channels to develop brand worldwide. IT development is in plan in 2015.


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