We help companies to transform Idea, project or business into market – interesting product or to add new values into existing products & business implementing strategic knowhow and developing advanced software solutions.

Our fields

  • consulting from an Idea to final product
  • research & development
  • strategic management, setting vision, mission, plans
  • presentation on the web sites
  • web sites development
  • developing totally new software solutions
  • contribution to existent projects
  • web/cloud/mob apps development, IOT, virtual reality & augmented reality
  •  IT equipment consulting



– open minded

– everyday learning

– understanding clients business, vision, mission, goals & values

– deeply involved in project as customer in-house team



To help companies to realize their vision and achieve their mission, to develop trends and set standards on the market with sophisticated management & software solutions integrated in their products and businesses.

Managing director/ owner:  Sanja Vale Čupić


ADRINAUT, Špiljavac 2, 52100 Pula, Croatia, VIES VAT number: HR72314561994

Our business partner

Managing director/ owner:  Bernard Čupić


MALI MOL, IDA- Zagrebačka 30, 52100 Pula, Croatia, VIES VAT number: HR99242404656


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