Sanja na brodu

Story about our start

My big love is navigation and every year with my family I’m travelling around with our boat. It is difficult to describe that feeling when you are on the sea! Cruising around the islands and untouched beauties, waking up  every morning in another bay, watching the sunrise, jumping in the crystal sea, snorkeling and discovering the undersea world or just sailing around in the sunset and discovering the islands. The adventure starts from the time you step on the boat. I love that feeling from the time I was a child.

I wanted to share my experiences with others and to trigger desire that everyone can experience the same. So, one day I come out with an idea to develop some kind of simulation of navigation which will be acceptable for navigators but also for all others who are not navigators. I have developed the business model – a concept that includes the development of the entertaining nautical guides – board games, mobile app and IT.

I’m graduated economist but also I took additional education as a brand manger in Barcelona & Istanbul. My background is 15 years of experience in developing different business models. Our team has high education and more than 25 years of experience in software development.

We have a knowledge and we love to be innovative. From the idea till final product we are developing original brands.

The first products we launched on the market are entertaining nautical guides Conquer Adriatic and MediterraNaut.

The concept and the products are awarded on the local, regional and international level. We have got three medals for innovation on international exhibitions of innovations in Switzerland, Germany and Croatia. Products and awards

I have started entrepreneurship three years ago with 0 EUR. In less than two years the products are developed for different markets in several languages. Editions of Conquer Adriatic in English, German, Italian, Croatian and Slovenian & MediterraNaut in English and Croatian.  High quality, environmentally friendly & made in Croatia.

Distribution into the market was tough. When you are starting with 0 EUR you do not have a money to invest in marketing and to compete with worlds brands.

I had an experience working with international brands and I was not surprised. I was aware of my values. I had a passion, a vision, an innovation, a knowledge to take a part of the market and a power to make the new trends. At least on the domestic market. I have made a great PR and business deals are done with several companies. Some products were sold before the production was done. The project is supported from the local communities – tourist boards, towns, Ministries, chamber of commerce… I make a deal with the best companies in my surrounding – marinas, charters, shops, libraries, hotels…  Some news has wrote a story about me as a women entrepreneur. (ANSA, RTL, regional and national newspapers and TVs).

Now, we are going onward stronger with more experience and soon we will forward more information about our mob. app, IT development and different projects.

We are looking forward to present our STARTUP mob. app Adrinaut  worldwide and to meet new business partners. Wide range of profitable products are planned. Business partners and investors are welcome. We are selected to be a part of the biggest American Hi Tech conference Collision, the most powerful Hi Tech conference on the planet, and we are looking forward to present our project and to meet new business partners and investors around the globe.


– to give the real information about countries, islands, local winds, endangered species, sunken ships, national parks, marine parks, UNESCO sites, rules of behaviour in navigation, to give quick and easy access to reliable information to the sailors and everyone that would like to be a sailor

– giving information about endangered species we educate and influence on society to take care about our planet – there are more than 3079 endangered animals and 2655 endangered plants

– to brand locations & countries – every location is special, has its unique story (to promote autochthonous of every location)

– to meet supply and demand of huge variety of products and services

– to educate society starting from the schools and kids (to give our children the roots of a better life) All information are given by principle KISS (keep it stupid simple)

– to learn and grow every day as a people and a company, to be innovative, profitable and with our initiatives, projects and products to leave a remarkable impact on our society

Thanks to our business partners, awards and media this concept contribute to global value with an innovative and original approach to education, ecology and destinations.

Sanja Vale Čupić



Adrinaut branding and commerce; owner and Managing director: Sanja Vale Čupić, Tax ID: HR72314561994, IBAN: HR 9323400091160375217 – dipl.oec., brand manager, author of the concept of the simulation of navigation and travelling

Contacts: ++385 (0)91 4130808 ;;

Our first products, entertaining nautical guides, are intended for:

– children –  entertainment to be sold in toy shops, libraries, bookshops, game shops, educational material in schools, markets and other retail channels

– adults – entertainment – adventure of sailing, different shops, on board and at home

– tourists – gift shops, duty free shops, souvenir shops, hotels, cruisers, marinas… (Many companies in tourism industry have the long term goal to raise the culture about navigation and travelling. This concept is acceptable for everyone.)

– companies – an original business gift , marketing platform,


Mob app Adrinaut will be a “must have” tool for every sailor and everyone that would like to discover the territory as a sailor. Also it is a new service for boat producers.